We're Stoaked!

Why Eat Overnight Oats?

Our Core Values


Our ready-to-eat oat pots have been carefully designed to combine the best superfood ingredients into 5 delicious flavours, giving you and your family a simple yet functional breakfast that’s convenient, fresh and rich in flavour.


We believe that food is medicine, which is why we’re all about keeping it real here at Stoaked. There’s no heat pasteurisation process, no preservatives and no artificial flavours or colours. We bring you food in it's closest-to-nature state.


At Stoaked, we believe that less is more. We pride ourselves on using fewer ingredients with more nutrients, which also allows us to cater for everyone. All our food is vegan, gluten free, dairy free and high in fibre.

We Make Real Food.

We cold-soak oats in dairy-free mylk to make a pudding-like, fresh and healthy breakfast.

Meet the best version of you

Our overall mission is to help you meet the healthiest version of yourself in body and mind.

How do we do this? We bring you ready-to-eat, nutritious breakfast oat pots that are tasty, packed with superfoods and waiting for you in your fridge when you wake up.

Ultimately we want to bring you calmer mornings and therefore a happier, healthier you.